My Latest Monki Purchases

Monki is by far my favourite shop. Ever. There is something for all moods, occasions and weathers and I am IN LOVE every time I enter one of their gloriously decorated stores! Thinking back, I don’t think I have ever actually popped into a Monki shop and not walked out with a bag full of goodies…. its just such a shame that there aren’t many Monki stores around (although my bank balance is probably quite happy about this!).

So, as you can imagine, when I went to Manchester last weekend for an early wedding anniversary getaway and saw that there was a Monki on the high street I was like a little kid finding out they are going to Toys R Us (I’m still not over the fact that this shop is no more. Seriously, I’m a little heartbroken. Please don’t judge me). After wandering around the store for a good 30 minutes, taking in all the beautiful sights, I finally narrowed it down to 4 goodies and these are the items that I came away with:


Flat Sandals Black – £25

These are a Birkinstock style sandal and they are sooo comfy. I like sandals that does go between the toes because they are less likely to rub when you’re wearing them all day. I definitely want to get them in brown too!

All Is Full Of Love T-shirt – £8

I enjoy a good positive slogan T-shirt and this fits the bill perfectly. I personally think that this T-shirt looks lovely tucked in to high waisted jeans. 

Coin Purse – £10

This purse is so cute I can’t even deal! Its so sweet, it has loads of card slots and a large zip coin pouch. The only down side that I found is that when the purse tips upside down in my handbag some of the coins can get wedged in the zip and it can be pretty annoying. Still love it though!

Scrunchies 2 Pack – £5

These scrunchies SCREAM 90’s chick and I LOVE IT!!! They’re lovely and silky too so they don’t tug on your hair when you take them out. Winning!

I have added links to the products in this post (apart from the T-shirt because I couldn’t for the life of me find it on their site) incase you fancied picking up a few of these items yourself.

If you have never experienced the wonders of Monki, head on over their website now or even better, pop into your nearest store. Serious, you will not be disappointed. If you are a fellow Monki lover like myself, let me know what you faves are, both past and present, I’d love to hear!

Love, Charlotte xo



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