Avon Products Reviews

I am a huge lover of Avon and have been for many many years, I love that they do pretty much anything and everything beauty related and even throw in some perfume/Aftershave/deodorant/gift items and clothing for good measure. Not to mention the pricing is very reasonable for the quality of the products.

Here are my honest opinions on some Avon goodies that I have been asked to review by an Avon representative:

Facial Hair Remover – £2.50

Now, I’m not gonna lie, I was VERY scared when I went to use this for the first time because lets face it, it looks like it will bloomin’ hurt. But no need to fear, its really not that bad. No different to plucking really except a lot quicker. Unnecessary panic, over!

Would I purchase? – Yes

Advance Techniques Dry Shampoo – £2.99

I am a Batiste Dark dry shampoo user because I have dark brunette hair and cant use the normal dry shampoo as it turns me grey. It’s good that they have a dark option, but it really annoys me that I can’t touch my hair without getting brown smudges on my fingers. I am now converted. Advance Techniques dry shampoo is amazing in every way. It smells great (very fresh), it’s easy to spray, and ITS INVISIBLE!!! I cant believe it took this long to walk into my life. Better late than never though, ay.

Would I purchase? – Yes

Avon True Lipstick – Cherry Delight – £5.50

I tested this lipstick out a few days ago on a day out to London.  Firstly, the colour is gorgeous, a lovely dark plummy red. It also lasted from early morning until lunch, then I topped my lippy up after I had eaten and it lasted right through the afternoon and evening. I would like to also add that I had been snacking on food and drink throughout the day and the lipstick remained flawless regardless.

Would I purchase? – Yes

Mark Epic Lip Lipstick – Rosy Outlook – £8

This lipstick was a very pretty light pink/nude colour which unfortunately I could not pull off, it was just too light for my face. However, like the previous lipstick, it lasted very well throughout the day not needing many top ups. In my opinion this colour would be better suited to you if you have light brown/blonde hair.

Would I purchase? – No, purely due to the colour

Anew Essential Youth Maximizing Sheet Mask – £4

I love a sheet mask but am yet to find one that I would want to use regularly because I love it so much. This one is a condenser though. It smells soooo nice which is nice while you’re sat there for 15 minutes letting it sink in and it left my skin feeling very soft. I was very happy with the outcome of this mask.

Would I purchase? – Yes

Mark Magix Prep and Set Spray – £6

This setting spray was okay but it was very wet and stayed wet on my face for quite some time. I do prefer the Urban Decay one that dries instantly.

Would I purchase? – No

Milk and Honey Hand Cream – £2

This hand cream surprised me because I don’t normally like honey-smelling things, but this just smells sweet and refreshing, not too overpowering. One thing I would say is that I kept needing to top it up as my hands kept going dry, but I do usually use a heavy duty cream so this could be why I felt like I constantly kept reaching for it.

Would I purchase? – Yes


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