How Walking The Dog Helps With My Anxiety

Hello lovelies,

As I have said before, I am not the biggest lover of these dark, cold nights, but at the moment I am really enjoying taking my little puppy Mario out for nightly walks along the street-light lit paths, wrapped up in my big puffer jacket and wooley hat with the cold weather hitting my face. I am finding it so therapeutic!

I have struggled with anxiety for a long time on and off but for the past year it has been a real daily struggle. Me against my own brain. I’m not going to lie because we’re all friends here, I have crumbled a few times in these last few months and it has (very irritatingly) got the better of me. But who knew, walking the pooch in the cold evening breeze has really been helping me. I mean, It definitely helps that Mario looks so freakin’ cute in his little coat, plodding alongside me, but I’m so surprised at what a positive affect it has had on my little brain.

During these walks I don’t go on my phone or listen to music or anything, I just take in my surroundings and breathe in the crisp air and for them 30 minutes after a long day, it’s just me and Mario in our own little bubble of contentment. Perfection.

If you are someone who struggles with this like me, I highly recommend getting layered up and going for a short walk in this chilly weather, its really done wonders for me these past few weeks.

Love, Lottie Rose x


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