Becoming More Eco-Friendly

In today’s post I want to talk about ways that we can all help our environment, from little changes we can make in our everyday lives to bigger eco-friendly contributions. I try to make a conscious effort to be eco-friendly in my day to day life where I can, my husband can vouch for this as I am forever driving him nuts asking him to switch lights off when he leaves a room and to stop leaving the tap running unnecessarily, but it’s the simple little things like this that can make a HUGE difference to the environment, yet so many of us aren’t taught about it.

Here are some ways to live a more eco-friendly life:

Recycle – this is a really important one to get into the habit of doing and all you need to do is check all packaging before binning it to see if it is recyclable. Easy peasy.

Re-usable cups – if you’re guilty of relying on a Starbucks coffee to get you through the work day or carry a water bottle with you a lot, this is a great way to reduce waste, plus there are loads of places that sell the re-usable coffee cups and the money goes to charity. Win-win!

Turn the light off – easy right? When you leave a room, turn the light off. Such a little thing that makes a big difference.

Save water – when we waste water by leaving a tap running (which is easy to do because it just magically flows from our tap), we are wasting water that is something we get so easily, yet precious to countries that hardly have any.

Bag for life – I mean, it helps that we now have to pay extra to use carrier bags here in the UK as it gives us an extra little nudge, but bag for life’s cut out soooooo much plastic waste, plus they’re a lot sturdier so you feel less like your pint of milk will bust through and spill all over your kitchen floor!

Walk or cycle – if you don’t really need to hop in your car to pop to the shop or travel to work, this is great for reducing your carbon footprint, plus think of the petrol money you will save!

LED bulbs – switch your halogen bulbs to LED’s, they help the planet plus they’re cheaper to run.

Plant trees – we all know that we need trees for oxygen as they absorb Carbon Dioxide, plus they are home to many wild animals and birds etc. We cut trees down for paper, toilet roll etc. so we need to plant trees to make up for the ones we kill.

Solar panels –  this is definitely not something everyone can afford to do (myself included) but is a great investment and helps the world dramatically.

Plants in your garden – we need bees, so therefore we need to give them something to pollinate. Also, your garden will look gorgeous.

Love, Lottie Rose x


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