Why We’re All Loving House Plants, Real And Fake!

It’s no secret that succulents and green house plants are IN right now, just look on any interior influencers Instagram or blog and you will be bombarded with gorgeous green pot plants in an array of shapes and sizes dotted around their picture perfect home, and my house is no exception.

Succulents and green house plants do a great job of making any room, big or small, look modern and stylish while still keeping your room cosy and comforting, and this is why we love them. Not only are they lovely to look at, some actually have health benefits! Surrounding yourself with the likes of Aloe Vera plants or Snake plants (they’re a lot cuter than they sound, I promise) cleanse the air and remove toxins. An Areca Palm is another great one to have dotted around your home as they supply oxygen throughout the day and night. These are just to name a few.

I like to have a bit of greenery in my kitchen too, but (as I found out the hard way) it is sooo hard to keep plants alive in a room that fluctuates between being cool and then really warm from cooking, so I opted for a couple of fake house plants from Ikea, not really knowing if they were going to look any good but they look lovely! I have two on my bar area in the kitchen and I personally think they actually look better than the real plants I had previously bought. I was very happy!

Whether you’re already a self-confessed house plant addict or you are just starting out, you can get these types of plants at great value in Ikea and Next Home.

£6 artificial from Ikea
£16 real from Next Home
£40 artificial from Ikea
£20 artificial from Ikea
£55 real from Next Home

Let me know what types of plant you love to have around your home and your favourite places to get them!

Love, Lottie Rose x


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